Integration Services

Task Area 6

The objective of this task area is to support the development and deployment of integrated information systems, which includes the integration of technical components, information technology components, organizational components and documentation. Integration projects can support a wide range of agency functions. In the healthcare and research domain, medical imaging systems, patient management systems, clinical management systems, and laboratory management systems are often provided via integration of commercial components with existing infrastructure. A comprehensive, but not limited, sampling of work to be performed under this task area is shown below:

a) Infrastructure Engineering, Development, Implementation, Integration
b) Enterprise Application Integration
c) Gap Analysis and Benchmarking
d) Data Migration and Integration
e) Acquisition Support
f) Risk Assessment
g) Open Source Integration
h) Enterprise Data Management
i) Collaboration Tools
j) Business Process Reengineering
k) Test and Evaluation Services
l) Financial Analysis
m) Feasibility Studies
n) Requirements Analysis
o) System Design Alternative (SDA) Studies
p) Systems Engineering
q) Architecture Validation and Verification